Consejos para superar la ola de calor

Consejos para superar la ola de calor

In the summer season it is very common to suffer heat waves throughout the Spanish territory . And these situations are not pleasant for us, since instead of enjoying this season where many of us go on vacation, we are looking forward to the cold. That is why from DS Insurance Broker we are going to give you some tips to better withstand the hottest days of summer .

Tips to overcome the heat wave

Drink a lot of water

70% of the weight of our body is water . With the heat we sweat more, that sweat comes from the water in our body. The sweat we give off is a defense mechanism of our body to fight the heat , as our skin is wet we notice a colder sensation than if we did not sweat. When we lose that water from our body, we need to recharge it by drinking more water .

It is also beneficial since 92% of the composition of the blood is water . And, in addition, the water maintains the body temperature in the appropriate range . In this way, even being hot, we will avoid scares such as heat stroke .

Avoid the sunniest hours

It is already known to all that the sun, although it brings many benefits to our health, also causes counterproductive effects to our health . That is why we have to avoid exposing ourselves to the sun in the central hours of the day , from 12 to 17, since it is the greater the risk of suffering from sunstroke, long-term skin cancer, or other diseases.

If we cannot avoid going out at that time for any circumstance, we recommend putting on sunscreen alone, carrying water by hand and looking to go in the shade .

Protect the head

With exposure to the sun and high temperatures, it is advisable to protect our head with a hat or any accessory that covers the head. This is because it is the most exposed area and it overheats, which can cause dizziness and fatigue.

Do not put the air conditioning on maximum

As hot as we are, we have to be careful when putting the air conditioning on. Since our body goes from a high temperature to a very low one and we already know that extremes are not good.

At DS Broker we care about people’s well-being

In addition to putting these tips that we have given you to use. At DS Broker we recommend that you have life insurance for what may happen. Although it is not pleasant to talk about these things, we never know what situation we may find ourselves in or what complication we may have, that is why we offer life insurance for you and your loved ones.